Pet hate: Transit lane abusers

20 11 2007

Why can’t people respect the transit lane rules?  It’s simple.  Between 7:00 and 9:30am don’t travel on it unless there are two or more people in your car.  This includes the last kilometre of the freeway where it gets most congested.  Easy, right?  Apparently not…

I was sitting in the middle lane at the end of the Eastern freeway yesterday morning at a little after 9am as dozen of cars went by in the right lane.  I estimate that one in three drivers were abusing the rules, traveling in the right lane solo.  Every time I saw someone doing it I had uncontrollable homicidal pang…it’s just so rude!

I have a similar issue with people who drive in the left lane of the Eastern right at the end.  The lane is normally an emergency lane but during peak hours is opened up as a regular lane.  Alas, some people think they’re better than everyone else and figure they can drive in it at any time of day.  Grrrr.

OK, I feel better that I’ve now got that off my chest!




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