Australian Idol vs Australian Democracy

26 11 2007

So, a weekend passes and we have a new government and a new Australian Idol.  I got to thinking…would the majority of people know more about Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci than Kevin Rudd or John Howard?  I’m guessing yes.

I only watched a few episodes of Idol but suspect I know more about the contestents than our candidates!  As viewers we met Gauci’s gradparents, parents and friends; Corby’s mates like skateboarding and he has a doppelganger.  Obviously I don’t know them well but I’ve got a vague idea of their personality.  That insight seems somehow to be more important than watching Howard during question time, scoffing at his opposition.  Or seeing Rudd attend a clearly-set-up photo op.

Dare I ask whether we could learn from Australian Idol?  Could our election process benefit from the kind of exposure that Idol generates? 

Probably not.




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