The election

27 11 2007

The other thought I had post-election was that it’s pretty damn cool to have a complete change of a governement without the need for a revolution.

I’m terribly grateful that I don’t have to bear arms to make a difference. 

Mind you, listening to our pollies sometimes makes you wish that you did have the chance to draw their blood…  😉




2 responses

1 12 2007

Heya Matt,

You usually blog on things that I have also been thinking of. So it occurred to me that I could just cyber-squat on your site until you got sick of the parasitic nature of it and blocked me.

In respect of the election, (and I need to point out that the subject of this sentence is the tenuous link to the head post) — Hands up those who think that, of all the empty, slippery, vaccuous and noble-sounding but meaningless phrases that an ex-DFAT diplomat could have uttered at such a historical time, then “I will be a Prime Minister for all Australians,” would have to be it!

Think about it. In a democracy every decision or law enacted comes with a constituency that will benefit, and one that will lose. Usually with a lobby for, and a lobby against. To take some specific examples:
• Ratifying the Kyoto protocol is good got global warming, but bad for the Australian coal industry. And coal miners in small North-Western towns in particular.
• Repealing AWAs is good for workers in low-skill industries with families and mortgages, but is bad for small businesses.
• Starting national programmes is often a good idea, but undermines State governments.
• Tax cuts will affect those who think that the tax structure should be flatter, and those who think that it should be more ‘graduated’ and ‘progressive.’
etc, etc.

If Johnny boy had been asked by reporters if he was going to be a Prime Minister for all Australians, I like to think he would have said something taciturn like, “Aww. Get real! There’s always winners and losers, I mean, get off the grass! Tony Mokbel is an Australian, but he probably shouldn’t count on my support.”

I guess we’ll all get used to it over time, now.

3 12 2007

My ears picked up on that “I will be a PM for all Australians” statement too…so vague and meaningless. But you’ve explained that far more eloquently than I could!

Though I’m not convinced Johnny wouldn’t have dismissed saying it if he thought it would have helped his position…

Feel free to hijack my blog whenever you please! It just increases the value of the conversation. 🙂

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