Firefox dictionary tip

3 12 2007

Since version 2.0 Firefox has had inline spelling for edit boxes – a fantastic feature if you ever write anything online.

I had begun to get used to it underlining some of my Australian words, mistakenly highlighting them in preference for the American spelling. Don’t get me started on American spelling.

The it dawned on me that FF was an international effort and may just have international dictionaries. A quick Google search revealed a list of dictionaries. Just install it (restart required), right-click on the first edit box you come across and set Languages->English / Australia.

Voila! Now I can spell colour properly without complaint. 🙂




2 responses

4 12 2007
Kelvin Eldridge

Hi Matt,

I noticed your comment about the Australian English dictionary for Firefox.

If you are interested in the latest version of the Australian English dictionary files for Firefox, you can obtain them at . (The files you are using are based on my work from nearly five years ago.)


Kelvin Eldridge

7 12 2007

Heya Kelvin,

Thanks for the link and, more importantly, your work. It’s much appreciated!

I’ve taken a quick look around the forum and you’ve got some interesting questions there (‘program’ and ‘programme’ have different meanings in my world, ‘internet’ will increasingly be spelt with a lower case ‘i’, ‘dialogue’ is correct unless talking computers).

Have you read Eats, shoots and leaves? Great book on punctuation…


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