No advertising material please

3 12 2007

I have a big sticker on my letterbox that says:

No advertising material please

I didn’t put the sticker there but I’m not a fan of advertising material in my letterbox so it stays.

Last week I received – for the fourth time – an A4 pamphlet from a local real estate agent. It was one of those typical “are you thinking of selling, buying blah blah if so then call Joe Blow…” leaflets. Whether I’m buying, selling or whatever I’ll look you up if that’s my decision! Don’t put unsolicited crap in my letterbox!

Before I call out this company I’m wondering what your opinion is: am I getting too worked up or is this rude? I was pretty close to calling them and politely asking for them to stop it but wasn’t sure how far I’d get…




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4 12 2007

Ahh, junk mail. Here’s a topic I can really get worked up about!

I became sick of receiving junk mail not long after we moved out, so I put up a “no junk mail” sign on the mailbox. For about a year or so, we lived a happy, junk mail free life. I don’t mind reading a bit of junk mail now and then (especially JB Hi Fi brochures), but the green side of me couldn’t justify all that paper wastage, even if it does get recycled in the end.

Then one day the junk mail started flooding in again. I wondered whether our local postal worker had changed, but then realised that the junk mail sign was missing. Okay, maybe it fell off and blew away. I thought. So I went out to buy another sign, which was easier said than done because I had to visit 2 Bunnings stores because one was completely sold out.

I then put the new sign up, and within a week the sign was missing again. I have now come to the conclusion that someone is ripping off our no junk mail sign! I don’t know whether it’s some local kids having fun, or the postal worker being in cahoots with the advertising companies. Needless to say, the next sign will be nailed into the letterbox!

Oh, and I have a great idea for how you can get revenge on your real estate company. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and call them up to tell them to stop sending you unsolicited crap. You can almost guarantee that they will keep doing it. If they keep sending you unsolicited mail, find out whichever way you can the fax number of the agent. Wait until after hours when their office is closed, and get yourself access to a fax machine. Stick two A4 pieces of paper together lengthways, and write on them in big letters “I TOLD YOU NOT TO SEND MY UNSOLICITED MAIL”. Feed the start of the paper through the machine, and start sending. When the paper starts coming out of the end, tie it to the start of the paper so you form a loop of paper. Run this loop through the fax machine for a good few hours, ensuring that they come in to the office in the morning to a room full of paper 😉

This probably won’t stop your junk mail, but it will still give you a sweet feeling of satisfaction.

4 12 2007
Hamish Moffatt

I reckon it’s rude. Call them. And report back 🙂

6 12 2007

Call them.
Tell then your thinking of selling but have decided to go with their rival because they don’t put junk mail in your letterbox!

6 12 2007
matt hemmy

g’day mate, when we went away, we put a no junk mail sticker on our mail box and we have had a drastic reduction in the amount of advertising crap since. however, the other day we got the local paper delivered and rolled up inside was……heaps of junk mail!! oh well.

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