Connex live schedule

7 12 2007

More on the Connex theme

Connex, please give me a website that shows the actual schedules of all the currently running trains. Surely you have that information on hand? Just expose it! You could even integrate it into your excellent metlink website.

Your SMS updates service isn’t for me. It only tells you when a train is going to be >15 mins late (not so useful particularly when I work only a few minutes from a station). You’ve also got to register the times you are interested in; since I travel at varied hours I’d have to register to many timeslots – and therefore will get many useless messages. Finally – frankly – I don’t trust you to not send advertising or bogus SMS’s. Don’t take it personally…I don’t readily give my mobile number out for this kind of service because a few businesses have abused the privilege in the past.

So if you could just whip up a site to allow me to see how timely our trains are running I’d much appreciate it. If you need a hand developing it let me know.




2 responses

8 12 2007

I’ve been thinking about some sort of muzzle to wear when exercizing. Having inhaled two of the damn things in the last week, I am starting view the word ‘acculturation’ in a broader context.

NZ doesn’t have the flies, but that’s because NZ doesn’t have the bloody glorious, consistent, fantastic weather.

I got these sunnies for cycling, to keep the insects out of my eyes, but perhps they should come with a sort of flying-buttress type visor extending down over the mouth as well.

Oh no, hang on, that was Darth Vader, wasn’t it?

9 12 2007

It’s a shame that they don’t publish the times of the “ghost trains”, the ones that run 80-odd % of the time but don’t appear in the schedule, because they don’t want these trains as part of the compensation scheme.

The compensation scheme may keep Connex slightly more accountable, but it shouldn’t be an obstacle to giving commuters the best information available. We’ve learned to live with the inevitable stuff ups.

I used the SMS thing last year. It wasn’t particularly helpful but at least I knew my train hadn’t been cancelled if I didn’t get the message. No spam, except for one hilarious “Allah Akbar from Connex, our inspectors love killing people. Want to bomb a train? They will gladly help. See you in hell!” message, followed by an apologetic one from Connex saying that the cops are investigating the system intrusion! I’d almost say that the service was worth it to get that one message!

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