7 12 2007

Is it just me or are the number of flies up this year?! Damn they’ve been pissing me off. I know that they probably perform some critical function in our ecosystem but lately all I’ve wanted to do is seriously cull their population. Like, by one hundred percent.

Does anyone know what role they play in our environment? Please tell me they’re an introduced species!

I’m going to whip out my chopsticks and start practicing, Karate Kid style. 😉

Product idea #43572: Small, personal cans of Mortein. Ideally they should be flattened cans so they can fit in your pocket – picture a small hip flask. And the contents should also be able to kill bees and wasps which I hate even more than flies. And wasps are introduced so don’t feel too bad putting them out of their misery!




One response

18 12 2007

you can buy (well here in europe anyway, but i imagine in aus too) mozzie repelent wipes. they each cme in a sachey and are conveniently transportable…

i also find it odd that the european wasps in europe (where they are just wasps) are much less agressive than in aus… odd

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