Post January

19 12 2007

As many of you will know, my job finishes at the end of January.  The company I currently work for, Integrian, liquidated it’s Australian (and European) division and is taking over development back at the headquarters in the US.  So I’ll soon be joining the dole queue.  😉

When faced with the question of “What are you doing next?” my only answer is that I’m not sure yet!  There’s already been a few job opportunities, it appears that now is a good time to be a software engineer. 

There’s a chance that a significant portion of the development team may be hired en masse – we have after all gone through the initial teething period and know how to work effectively with one another.  If you’re looking to hire a ready-to-go software team of twenty-odd people experienced in many technologies, particularly C#, C++, SQL Server, and anything in the video recording domain (though we’re a pretty diverse bunch and could comfortably tackle any project with a short ramp-up time) please get in touch with me.

There was is the opportunity to work for the US company.  However, the location isn’t particularly appealing and the offer wasn’t enough for me to give up living in Melbourne, not to mention the massive hassle of moving.

I could just get another job.  Melbourne has plenty of work on at the moment but I’d really like to do some cutting-edge, hard stuff, you know?  Where I am forced to use my brain.  There’s not a whole lot of that going on here (more likely is the “can you put together a front-end/web interface for this database” scenario) but I’m hopeful I can find something interesting.

Travel is an option.  This could take two forms.  A pure holiday for a handful of weeks, touring Europe (particularly Italy, Spain, France and the UK).  Or perhaps something longer (months), where Melissa and I would base ourselves in Italy – we’d both love to learn the language – and use that as a base to see more of Europe.  We’d probably need to work in that case.

I could start my own company.  I’ve got many ideas for software projects, some of which could even be profitable!  😉 It’s obviously inherently risky, of course.  One day I’ll do this though…could ’08 be the year?

So, as you can see, I’m all over the place and wasn’t kidding when I said “I’m not sure yet!”.




3 responses

20 12 2007

I know a talented, young developer who might be keen for a change.

Get in touch if you decide to start Trentr or YouMatt. I demand Nerf guns in the office though.

20 12 2007

Another package mate? If so you’re a rich dirty bastard. Take 6 months off, try starting up a company, if it doesn’t work then get a job.

20 12 2007

@ Josh: You’ll have to put me in touch with this developer, sounds like a great guy. 😉 And I’m sure we can sort out something Nerf-based.

@ Mashy: Alas no, though I do get a sizable bonus for sticking with the company till the end of January. So it’s not too shabby. 🙂

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