20 12 2007

It’s pretty rare that I listen to the radio these days but this morning I had the company car to drive to work.  The radio was tuned to 102.7 RRR, which I’d long ago written off as just too inconsistent.  Not so this morning.  The wonderful Elliott Smith track Looking Over My Shoulder from New Moon and the sensational Cinder And Smoke from Iron and Wine‘s Our Endless Numbered Days were both played on the road in (I’ll forgive RRR for mistakenly announcing the album as The Creek Drank The Cradle).

There was also a decent Paul Kelly song (Summer Rain) and another track from an unknown female artist that I really liked.  Hopefully RRR will publish the track listing soon…

Amongst the music there was an interesting interview with David Astle, a writer who placed in the Top 30 for the Short and Sweet 10-minute theatre competition.  His play, The Gentleman Had An Axe, based on the story of how John Batman bought Melbourne for handkerchiefs, mirrors, scissors – and an axe, sounded pretty cool.

I’m going to give RRR another go…




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20 12 2007

Nice stuff – sounds like some sweet music they are playing there! But my iPod also plays some sweet music 😉

Just looking back over those old RRR playlists…some good stuff that I would have liked to hear.

20 12 2007

By the way Matty, have you noticed how when you hear a track in isolation on the radio from an album which you own, how it sometimes does it for you more than when you listen to it in the context of the album? Maybe it’s just the excitement of hearing a track that you know on the radio!

Most of the tracks on New moon (as good as that compilation is) kind’ve blend into one for me. But I’m sure hearing a track from it in isolation would remind me again of the brilliance that was Elliott Smith.

On another note, at the work “cocktail”* party in the cafeteria this afternoon, they played New slang by the Shins. Fantastic song, and I loved it before Natalie Portman hyped it up!

* I say “cocktail” because there weren’t actually any cocktails, just beer and wine. That’s false advertising for ya.

20 12 2007

I totally know what you mean about hearing a song on the radio like that! You immediately get a little buzz even though you know that the iPod in your bag contains that song, and a thousand others that you love. And do you also get the urge to call friends and let them know that a good song is playing? 🙂

New Slang is awesome. And although I was late to the Shins party I loved the song before I’d seen the film (just not before the film boosted it’s popularity). Guess that doesn’t really count… I’m not sure if you’ve yet gotten into Wincing The Night Away but it’s a freakin’ awesome piece of work.

Mmmm….Natalie Portman.

A Christmas cocktail party in the cafeteria – without cocktails. Ouch.

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