21 12 2007

I’m looking to buy a vacuum.

It may be hard to believe but I’ve been living without one ever since I moved in to Eaglemont, nearly a year ago. Every so often I’ve borrowed Melissa’s parents unit but I’ve come to the conclusion that every man needs a vacuum of his own. 🙂

I’ve narrowed it down to two models, a Dyson and a Nilfisk.

Dyson DC20: Bagless, great design, but expensive.
Nilfisk Power P40: Powerful, cheap(er), but uses a bag.

From what I can tell they’re the best of breed for bagless and bag models respectively.

The Dyson has strong suction but the Nilfisk is a vacuum on steroids; it’s powered by a 2000W motor. Much stronger, at least until the bag fills up… I love everything about the Dyson – it looks better, it’s bagless, it looks better – but it’s hard to justify paying almost twice as much for less suction.

I get hayfever easily and Melissa has high allergies to dust so getting a HEPA filter has been highly recommended (both model have these filters).

Anyone had any experience with either brands/models? Or do you have any other recommendations?

[OK, vacuums aren’t the most sexy of topics but everyone needs one!]




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21 12 2007

Guess what I just bought… A Blue Air 402 Air Purifier for Cathy’s hayfever.
The company I bought it off said they have a 7 day trial period, they’re based in Kew. Not cheap but no matter how much I cleaned the house the hayfever wouldn’t go away.

I’ll let you know how it goes after a heavy work out… 🙂

22 12 2007

We have a Dyson here in the UK – and it rocks! All our friends are very jealous of our lovely vacuum! Aren’t vacuums sexy?

26 12 2007
matt Hemmy

Gem and i got a dyson for a wedding present off a bunch of gems uni g/f’s and we love it! it is bloody fantastic! i like the fact that the vac is a self contained unit. all of the attachments fit on it and store easily away in a cube-like size in the cupboard. the hose isnt removable but packs away as part of the design. expensive, true, but very good, with enough suction. buy it at myer when they have sales on dysons (happens occasionally)

BTW we still havent caught up yet. feel like a coffee somewhere?

1 01 2008
Tejas Patel

Hey Matt, I just found out this blog of your’s through twitter. Not sure if it is too late or not, but we have been using Dyson for a while now. I am so happy with it. Also, you might have noticed that Dyson’s don’t rate their motor’s by watts like others do but they still do a fantastic job of cleaning.

13 01 2008

we have a dyson in Aus that i often wish we had bought to germany with it – it was brilliant – i never thought a vac could be so exciting until we got it – the first time we used it we were SHOCKED at how much it sucked out of the carpet that our toher vaccume had missed. Ours is one of the uprights not the small ones, but i think they would all be great

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