8 01 2008

I’ve been using Twitter for a little while now (after resisting it for ages!) and, while I haven’t gotten addicted to it, I can see why some people have.

Oh, so what is it? Kinda like a mini-blog. Posts (or tweets) can only be 140 characters long. I initially thought that would be restrictive but on the contrary it makes posting more fluid and easy. When writing for my blog I tend to sit down and thump out something and it inevitably takes some time. Typing a tweet takes seconds – the barrier to posting is non-existent.

The 140 character limit also means supporting SMS to your mobile is trivial.

That’s right, you can SMS a tweet. And you can choose to follow people and have their tweets SMS’d to you (for free).

As a software developer I’m also excited with their API. I can think of all sorts of things I’d like to see twittered (weather predictions, reminders, software build notifications, major news stories, gig announcements…).

Give it a try! You can follow me if you like; I’ll be writing quick updates using Twitter regularly when in the US (with more detailed stuff hitting this blog).




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