Half-way to LAX

10 01 2008

Watched 1408. Great performance from Cusack and a few tense, exciting moments but overall I was left somewhat disappointed. Wasn’t scary, barely thrilling, and was a little predictable. 2/5.

Sitting in the middle of a middle section (seat F). 😦 Plane is full (only eight seats left I was told at check-in) so I didn’t have any choice. QANTAS entertainment system is actually behaving itself.

Slept for an hour or so. Highly recommend ear plugs, they make sleep much easier and are cheaper, more effective and more comfortable than noise cancelling headphones. For sleeping. Would love to have a pair of Sennheisers or Bose for listening to music though…




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10 01 2008

Hi Matt, how are you managing to connect to the internet in mid-flight? Something that I have always thought would be a damn fine thing…

11 01 2008

Actually, I’ve bent the truth there – I wrote it using an offline blog editor while I was on the plane and posted it when I got connected on the ground.

It would be fantastic to have connectivity while in the air but, although a couple of airlines have tried to provide the service, it’s never been a commercial success. We can hope though, can’t we? 🙂

11 01 2008

Good luck with the Powers of Darkness over there (PD for short). Tempting though it be to ‘throw it over the wall,’ I’m sure the team is nothing if not impressively professional.

Life here is still good. This week I’ve managed three cycles-to-work, one run along the river and two swims in the Fitzroy pool at lunchtime. (A man of simple needs me; let me exercise and I will be happy).

11 01 2008

To quote from an American comedian…

“There are two things that I hate: The despicable practice of racial profiling, and people who wear turbans on planes…”

…”The French are spending all their time wondering how much butter to put in a buttery croissant. But we can’t do that, we’re Americans, we don’t have time for how much butter in a buttery croissant. If you want a laser-guided, heat-seeking, blow-the-covers-off-your-bunker croissant, then we’re your guys!”

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