Macworld…and the Macbook Air

16 01 2008

The Macbook Air has been announced…I’ve only read a few bits of information about it and I want one!

I hope, for my credit card’s sake, that they won’t be shipping until after the 22nd Jan… ;D

[Update: Tiny! 5 hours battery life! 13″ screen! 2GB RAM standard. Fast, full size keyboard, multi-touch as a bonus. Apple know what we I want.]

[Update 2: Available in two weeks – just after I leave. Probably for the best. 😉 US$1799 – Perfect. They will sell a metric buttload of these.]

[Update 3: OK, This is absolutely terrible – cost in Australia is A$2499. US$1799 at current exchange rate is A$2030. Why a ~$450 tax??]

[Update 4: It’s now available on the Australian and US Apple Stores. ]




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