Update…and the weekend

16 01 2008

Work has been progressing pretty well. We’ve met the devs who are going to be taking over development and are getting on well with them – they’re nice folks!

We now have all nine of our Aussie team here and it’s been good to have everyone together again. Because of group dynamics, moving everyone around at the same time, lunch, dinner etc, is challenging. I’ve gained an appreciation of logistics now!

The weather has been mild for winter but it’s getting colder. There was ice on our car window this morning.

I met some friends and went salsa dancing in Raleigh at the Red Room last Thursday. Fun! Salsa is bigger in Melbourne (bigger population) but there’s still a decent community here.

Four of us went for a four-hour hike Saturday around the nearby Falls Lake State Park which was lovely. Relaxing. That night we had a great Turkish dinner at Chapel Hill, a university town in the area.

Sunday I took some of the guys shopping. We found a local REI – an outdoor equipment store – which, while not as large or comprehensive as those in California, was still pretty damn great. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had $30-odd worth of dividends left on my REI account and with them I bought a bunch of Clif bars – healthy, great tasting energy bars. Mmmmm Clif bars! Gotta bring some back with me.

We also found a local Whole Foods which is a wonderful supermarket full of excellent food and drink (often organic, sometimes imported, always expensive).

In the afternoon we headed to Jeremiah’s (a US colleague) and watched the NFL playoffs (go Patriots!), and played a lot of table tennis (referred to exclusively as ping pong here). Fun day.

Good times, good times… 🙂




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