Primaries in the US

18 01 2008

Currently, here in the US, the primary elections are underway. This is a part of their political process where, for each state, voters choose which of the delegates for each political party they prefer. The most popular candidates from the primaries typically continue on to the general election, where the president is determined.

What all this means is that, right now, there is a lot of political coverage in the media.

Recently I was watching a debate between the three most popular Democrats – Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards. It was good to see that all three candidates were sane, passionate, bright and quite progressive, a nice change after the Bush administration. We’ll see if any of them can deliver on their policies – if one of these Democrats gets elected.

Interestingly, this is the first US election where there has been a woman (Clinton) and an African-American (Obama) running for office.

Watching the whole process unfold is interesting!




One response

18 01 2008

They reckon that black women will be the deciding vote this time (in the Democratic primaries anyhow). Clinton successfully targeted ‘soccer moms,’ this time it depends on whether the black women vote for Hillary or Barack. Barack made an early tactical move when he got Oprah to endorse him… Interesting times. Who’d ah thought?

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