A few of my faves…

19 01 2008

While on the plane from Dallas to Raleigh I sat next to a guy and we got to discussing music, comparing what was on our iPods.

As often happens, I started getting excited and began recommending (many) artists that this guy simply must listen to.

Poor fella, I must’ve thrown about 20 different artists at him!

I figured this guy shouldn’t be the only one to know my faves, my friends should too, so I figured I should discuss some of them here.


This French duo make exceptional electronic music – especially soothing ambient tunes. Start with their classic, and nowadays very cheap!, Moon Safari and move on from there (best to initially avoid 10,000 Hertz Legend, the low point of their collection IMO).

Arcade Fire

Canadian indie rock outfit. Only two albums to their name but both are superb. Immersive, complex rock that is beautiful and emotional. Get Funeral, their debut then, when you’ve become addicted, repeat the process with Neon Bible.

Augie March

Sensational Aussie band that has finally gained some mainstream acceptance predominately on the back of their single One Crowded Hour. I want to say to start in chronological order (with Sunset Studies followed by Strange Bird and then Moo…) but Moo, You Bloody Choir is probably easier to get into. All good though.

The Beatles

I’m sure I don’t need to say anything about these guys. I almost didn’t enter them in this list simply because they’re so ubiquitous. Make sure your kids listen to them. Suggesting a first album is tough; Sgt. Peppers, Revolver, Rubber Soul, Abbey Road…all these albums are legendary. You will eventually end up at the White Album though.

Crowded House

Anything Neil Finn touches turn to gold but his best work is with Crowded House. Like The Beatles, these guys are an obvious entry that most of you will be familiar with. If not, welcome to a wonderful world where radio-friendly and great music can coexist.

Elliott Smith

Ahh, Elliott. One of my favourite artists, period. Tragically died in 2003 at just 34 (probably suicide) leaving behind five near-perfect albums. Two more albums have been released posthumously and are similar in quality. As some people have said the man never released a bad song. Smith sings very personal, introspective songs that range from ballads to low-fi rock. His later works, XO or Figure 8, are possibly more accessible than earlier releases, though all of his stuff is pretty heavy going. The pinnacle, for me, is Either/Or but they’re all fantastic.

That’s all I’ve got time for but I’ve written down quite a few more for a later instalment – stay tuned!




One response

29 01 2008

I’d have to agree with almost all of the bands/artists you have listed there, with the exception of Air. While they are a good band, and Moon safari is a classic album (albeit a bit overplayed now), they are not what I would consider one of my all-time favourite bands. But they are certainly masters of their genre.

Nice post!

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