Qantas Frequent Flier program

5 02 2008

A Public Service Announcement for those of you who are thinking of joining the Qantas Freq Flier program. Be aware that although the terms state that you can add any flights taken in the previous twelve months to your freq flier account there’s a gotcha that caught me out. You can only add flights taken up to thirty days prior to the day you joined.

When I called to try to add my recent flights to the US this was explained to me. The friendly woman on the phone said “oh yes, this is a bit misleading and has caught out a number of people”. Qantas, it’s not an unreasonable requirement but you should make it clearer.

While I’m on the topic, it’s ridiculous in this day and age to have to fax in boarding pass stubs and itineraries and have to wait three or four weeks for them to be processed. The system has the records; why isn’t it nearly instantaneous?




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