Train fine

5 02 2008

I’ve always bought tickets for the train. For moral reasons as well as practical – it’s affordable enough (some may say just) that it’s not worth the hassle.

However, recently I copped a fine.

At the last minute Melissa asked me to travel to Glen Waverley station where she’d pick me up and we could head out to a friend’s house. No worries, I had just gotten into Southern Cross and a Glen Waverley train was coming in one minute – easy. When I arrive at the destination there are ticket ‘police’ performing a blitz; fine, I’ll just show them my ticket.

Unexpectedly they pull me aside. “Where is your ticket?” Confused, I once again show them my validated daily ticket. “Where’s your zone two ticket?”

Oh crap.

Totally forgot that Glen Waverley was in zone two. Wasn’t that I’d forgotten; I just didn’t even think about it – I’m so used to having a valid ticket on me that I didn’t even think about it. Unfortunately that ticket is only good for zone one.

I typically buy 5x dailys and 10x two-hourlies and I showed the inspectors my older tickets by way of explaining that, yes I do buy tickets, this was just an honest mistake. While reasonably understanding they still took my details. Sure enough, I recently got a fine. $160. Now, OK, I made a mistake. There’s no doubt that I should have purchased a zone two ticket. But $160 seems a little exorbitant given my situation.

I’ve since paid the fine but I’m still grumpy about it. Annoyed at myself for not remembering to buy an extra ticket and pissy at Connex who could have cut me some slack.

What do you think? Should they have let me off? Anyone else had any issues receiving fines on PT?




2 responses

6 02 2008

Next time connex make you late for work, send them a bill for loss of income (if you’re paid hourly). I’m sure you’ll make $160 back within a week!

14 02 2008

that sux. I guess it’s hard for them to differentiate you from someone else who is just plain lying about forgetting. But $160 is a ridiculous amount. Can you appeal?

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