Life update

25 02 2008

So, I finished my three-month contract with Integrian at the end of January (including a two-week trip to the US in mid-Jan) and technically became jobless. 

Early Feb I spent some time in Brisbane visiting friends (shout-out to Penny & Marcus!) before taking off with Melissa to Lorne.  She had a conference to attend there and I thought it’d be nice to tag along.  We were in Lorne for a lovely four days then we headed further down the coast to Port Fairy for a couple of days to visit one of Melissa’s customers.  Again, I leeched supported her while she worked.  Finally, we both took a break in Apollo Bay for a few days.  Nice!  Everywhere along the Great Ocean Road is a wonderful and it remains one of our favourite destinations.

Some time between jobless and Brisbane I agreed to a further one-month contract with Integrian, beginning on the 18th Feb.  I’d work a week from home, travel for two weeks to the US and finish up with another week at home.  So right now I’m in the US – again! – working in North Carolina.  I’m scheduled to be jobless once again on the 14th of March.  Not sure what’s happening beyond that…yet.

The other big news is that we’ve decided to finally take off on holiday to Europe. 

Melissa has training in Germany in mid-June and we thought we’d use that as a good excuse for the European holiday we’ve been wanting to take for years (since her company will help pay for part of the flights).  We’re planning to leave mid-May and be away for two months (including the two weeks for the training).  We want to cover France, Italy, Germany and England (well, London). 

Unfortunately that means we’ll only be able to catch up with about half of the friends and family we’d like to.  We’re trying to figure out how to fit in Wales, Scotland, Switzerland, Croatia and Spain in the timeframe but, right now, it’s going to be too difficult/expensive/time-consuming.  We’ll try and see as many people as possible but please understand if we’re not going to be able to see you!

I’m damn excited to be finally going.  Can’t wait!




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