3G iPhone

12 05 2008

Indications are strong that we’ll be getting a 3G iPhone sometime this year.  Vodaphone was first to announce distribution rights in Australia (among ten other countries) and Optus just followed suit.  Since neither telco has an EDGE network (the current protocol the iPhone uses for data transmission) pundits are guessing a 3G iPhone is on the way.

I’m looking to upgrade my ancient Nokia 8210 and the iPhone is one of the few mobile phones that interest me.  I was this close to buying one while I was in the US (and jailbreaking it) but decided against it in the end – I was having trouble justifying the cost.  Now that my 8210 is on it’s last legs and I really need a replacement a 3G iPhone will be very difficult to resist!




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13 05 2008

My iPod and current mobile (Nokia 6280) are both on their last legs. The iPhone couldn’t drop at a better time!

I’m hoping that I can get it via our benefits program…!

13 05 2008

The iPhone is all shiny bells and whistles and stuff, but I think that the HTC platforms are still better – more apps supported etc.

That being said, something like the iPhone would be sweet in the plane for watching movies when you don’t have individual screens…


13 05 2008

I’d consider getting one when they release a >= 160GB model 🙂

Then I can replace my iPod and Palm Treo with a single device.

13 05 2008

@ Josh: Good point, I’ll have to check whether it’s valid for the FBT…let me know if you find out!

@Brushy: Actually, a jailbroken iPhone has a metric buttload of applications – it’s one of the real draw cards of the system for me! As a software geek I can write in many languages (eg Python, Tcl, Ruby), run VNC (control your PC from your phone!), have a regular unix terminal, use Skype, play NES games on a VM, run the Apache webserver…all from an iPhone! I also expect an explosion of apps to appear when the SDK comes out of beta.

The HTC range isn’t bad but Windows Mobile just feels clunky after using the iPhone. And, like you pointed out, movie watching on the iPhone screen is pretty sweet.

@ Jiggy: I hear’s ya. It’ll come. One day. Oh yes. It’ll come…

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