Good customer service…from CBA!

15 05 2008

I was pleasantly surprised today.  I had to ring up the Commonwealth Bank as I wanted a new card since my old one was getting pretty tattered and I really didn’t want it failing while in Europe.  Having had some poor experiences in the past I was a little reluctant to call CBA.  But, credit where it’s due, I had exceptionally good service – probably the best phone support I’ve ever had from any company.

First the dreaded automated system.  Yeah, they suck, but I understand the need for them.  This system was damn good though with excellent voice quality and I was not waiting long at all.  Bearable.

When I got through to a representative, Vanessa, she was exceedingly friendly and polite without being tedious.  I explained my situation and almost immediately a new card was ordered.  I’d mentioned that I was going to be travelling so she asked if I’d had travel insurance, shortly followed up by an offer to create a Netbank Saver account.  In both cases I indicated that I already had alternatives and she moved on – no pushiness, no overt sales pitch.  Very well done. 

She also asked if she could send a small booklet out with my card that listed all the CBA international phone numbers, thinking it may be useful while overseas.  “Sure, thanks”.  Nice.

Finally she suggested that I may want to get a second card tied just to my savings account as a backup in the event I lost my regular card (which covers both savings & credit).  A good suggestion and I’ll chase that up.

All in all I seriously could not have gotten any better service.  Kudos to Vanessa & CBA.




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