One week to go!

20 05 2008

Melissa and I leave for Europe in a week!  Exciting!

While over there I’ll try and blog every so often and post photos to my Flickr account.  No promises though – I’m there to enjoy the trip, not document it!

After a stopover in Singapore we’ll start our European trip in France (Paris, Strasbourg).  Then we’re heading through Germany (Ettlingen) where Melissa will be working for two weeks.  Italy (Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome & Abruzzo) is next before heading to London before flying out.  Nine weeks of travel.  Can’t wait!




3 responses

22 05 2008

Sounds awesome – hope you guys have a great time in Europe 🙂

And don’t worry about posting photos, just enjoy yourselves!

23 05 2008

@ Jiggy: Thanks mate! I dare say we won’t have a terrible time in Europe… 🙂

24 05 2008
Aunty Jules

Looking forward to show and tell when you get back – safe trip. Much Love: The Turners.

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