TGV travel

16 06 2008

We’ve traveled on the TGV (one of France’s high-speed rail operators) twice now – from Paris to Strasbourg (2:20) and from Strasbourg to Karlsruhe (40 mins) and I am impressed! With a top speed of 385 kph (!) the ride is amazingly smooth and quiet given the outrageous speed. A great way to travel.

Although 385 kph is fast the French have been pushing it further. Last year they hit 574 kph, the record for the fastest conventional train speed. Check it out:

I highly recommend using TGV to travel Europe!




One response

22 06 2008

Nice. I have train envy… 🙂

TGV isn’t a train company though – it stands for Train a Grande Vitesse (High Speed Train) – and they are all run by the French Government. Sorry to sound like an uber-train-nerd, but I am half-French, and everyone laughed at the French when they started doing these fast trains but who’s laughing now with airlines going bust due to oil prices? 🙂

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