Paris Friends

24 06 2008

Speaking of friends, we were lucky enough to catch up with a few in Paris. 

Daniella & Rob went above and beyond – especially given we’d never met before! – to be fantastic hosts.  They invited us into their (awesome) apartment then took us out to a great Italian restaurant.

Unfortunately, our plan to catch up with Tim & Megan before leaving on this European trip didn’t pan out; Tim fell sick.  Thankfully, it turned out that we were in Paris at the same time so we were able to meet up over a great French dinner!  Great food, great company.

Twice we were able to hook up with Cam & Sal who are, in one of those weird cases of really?, are on an uncannily similar trip around Europe.  One of the meetups was over lunch at a very French restaurant where the menu was unreadable (even with dictionaries!).  The second was at a gourmet tea house quite close to where we were staying which was an indulgent experience.  Cam and Sal were kind enough to give us their German Lonely Planet which has proved immensely useful.

Thanks to all you guys!

It’s always nice to meet and make friends in other countries.




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