Two minute update

13 07 2008

Our five nights in Florence was fantastic, so much to see in a city that’s geographically so small (walk end-to-end of the city centre in 10-15 mins).  Of course we visited the Duomo (stunning) and saw Michalangelo’s David which, even though expectations were high, it didn’t disappoint.  The detail and captured emotion is extraordinary!  Alas, I didn’t book tickets to The Uffizi early enough (they suggest a month in advance!) and missed out; gives me a great reason to come back at some time.  Lots more amazing sights in Florence.

San Gimignano was lovely, as was the Tuscan scenery.  Had a turbo diesel Alfa to drive around which I had a blast with.  🙂  Best to visit the town in the morning or evening though and avoid the tourists who cram the tiny town.  Possibly the best Gelati on the trip was found there…

Now we’re in Francavilla, a seaside town near Pescara in Abruzzo.  We’re here visiting some of Melissa’s extended family.  They’ve all been lovely, wonderful people (despite the language barrier) but my stomach hurts from eating so much food!  “Mangia, mangia Matteo”!

I’ll write more when Internet access costs less than 10 Euro for 20 minutes(!).




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