Working on the weekend

14 12 2008

I’ve recently taken on some contract work that started today, Sunday.  I’ll be doing it in my ‘spare’ time, predominately on weekends. 

I’ve undertaken work on top of a full-time job before and it’s always difficult.  It’s a challenge to stay motivated, tiring and a toll on family and friends.  Why do it?  Money is an often-cited reason – and a good one! – but in this case I’m not chasing the dollar.  I’m doing it because a product I worked on ended badly for a customer and I feel somewhat obligated to at least try to help them out.  The customer is at wits end and hopefully I can alleviate some of their issues.

My advice to those of you considering working in your spare time: Think twice!  It’s OK if you love the work or are using it as a stepping stone to change your career path but don’t underestimate the value of your down-time.

Apologies to friends & family if I’m a little hard(er) to get in touch with over the next little while; hopefully the problems will be sorted out quickly!