12 01 2009

Well, now that the holidays are over, and I’m back at work, I can finally get some rest!  😉  It’s been a busy time for Melissa and I.

Tania & David kicked it off with their wedding just before the holidays started in earnest.  Beautiful day – lovely to see my ‘adopted sister’ so happy.  Dad, who gave Tania away, was emotional but gave a great speech.  David, you’d better look after her!  😉  Oh, and welcome to the ‘family’.

Near the point of no return

David & Tania

I took a few more pictures.

Then of course there was the traditional Christmas Eve Eve party at Donna & Quils.  Always good to catch up with the Eastern crew.

Christmas Eve is the day my family gets together to put up the Christmas tree.  Yeah, I know, it’s late to be putting up a tree.  But it works for us.  Dad cuts down an 8″ tree and we – although not particularly religious – create a nativity scene below it out of 80kg of sand and figurines that have been passed down through the family.  One of my favourite family traditions.  Check out some photos and  a time-lapse video:

The Trentini family Christmas tree in all it’s glory

Some baby in a manger

Admittedly boring video of a Christmas Tree being put up

Then Christmas Day.  The annual food fest.  We started with Melissa’s cousins for lunch, headed to my Nonna’s for afternoon tea then dinner at Melissa’s parents.  Food, food, food!  Lovely day, though tiring since we covered so much ground.

Boxing Day my family gets together to – of course – eat.  We also do a Kris-Kringle with close friends of the family, The Turners.  Props to Pat for getting me a fire stick – totally impractical, potentially dangerous yet very cool.

The day after Boxing Day was Adrian and Cathy’s wedding.  I had the honour of being Best Man at this event and it was a fantastic and special day.  After all it’s not every day that two of your closest friends get hitched!  But it really was wonderful; great weather (though we were sweating in the church – especially us guys in our three-piece suits!), heartfelt speeches, excellent food, plenty of dancing…Everyone, especially me, had such a great time!  Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Uliana!

Cathy & Adrian

The Uliana family

[I didn’t have much of a chance to take photos so thanks for Serge Uliana for taking the first – beautiful -shot and for letting me use his camera for the second!]

It was nice spending the next day with the newlyweds opening their presents and having dinner with them before they took off on their honeymoon.

The 30th saw us taking off down to the Mornington Peninsula to visit two groups of friends.  Karen and Tim were over from the UK and were soon to be married (more on that later) and Gen and Mark were in town from Sydney with their recently born baby, Grace.  We had a superb lunch with K & T at Stillwater.  Food and wine was exceptional, weather was terrific and the company was, as always with these two, fantastic.  We visited G & M later in the day and it was a real joy to see little Grace and how happy their parents were – even if she wouldn’t go to sleep!

New Years Eve was up next and we were spending it with a group of friends at Gayle & Gideon’s.  Over a few drinks we talked, ate and became merry.  Despite starting at about 7:30pm the night flew by and before we knew it midnight was upon us.  The sparklers came out and, naturally I took some photos:

Sparkler fun: Welcome 2009!

See more shots here.  Before the night ended we played a few rounds of Uno Attack which is like regular Uno but with the added craziness of a machine that spits out random numbers of cards in the case of a penalty.  I’m not sure it’ll ever surpass the original but it’s definitely fun as a novelty.

Melissa’s Mums side of the family gathered together New Years Day for a big lunch.  They get together every year and a good time is always had by all.  Once again, food was in abundance!

I think I had a day off on the 2nd.

Karen & Tim’s wedding was on the third. Technically it was a reaffirmation since they had actually been wed in a South Africa in 2008 – in stunning style.  This day was also a roaring success, the bride and groom were radiant, the setting (an art gallery) was beautiful, the food delicious and the speeches were funny and moving (to Tim’s surprise, the Best Man, unable to make it from London, recorded a fantastic video that was played!).  Lovely, wonderful day.

Tim & Karen

Dancing the night away…

I did take a few more photos.

We’d stayed with our friends Mel and Richard in their lovely house (with stunning ocean view) in Mt Eliza the night of the wedding.  [Thanks M & R for your outstanding hospitality and for providing the entertainment – in the form of Rhen!]  So the next morning – last day of our holidays – we got up and had breakfast with them then took off to have a post-wedding lunch with Karen, Tim and friends.  After bidding them farewell (we’ll miss you guys!) we headed out to Williamstown to meet up with some of my Uni friends for a lovely afternoon playing Klop and tippety cricket.

It was a busy holiday period!  Hope you all had a wonderful time.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y’all!




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12 01 2009

Great photos Matt!

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