Hot, hot, hot

29 01 2009

This may brand me as Captain Obvious but holy crap it’s hot!

For the benefit of my inter-state/national friends we’ve got a run of four or five days where it’s expected to be above 40 degrees.  The predicted low tonight is 30.  The top today was 43.2.

This morning my train had inadequate air conditioning and was packed.  Unpleasant.  All the passengers, especially myself, were a sweaty mess by the time the train rolled in to Flinders St.  But we were lucky, at least we got to our destination.  This afternoon there were 130 train services cancelled.  I was lucky enough to slip through the chaos on a train that even had decent air-con.

Hopefully Connex will have a better day tomorrow.  With an expected top of 43 I wish them the best of luck…




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