6 02 2009

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit but I hadn’t been to a dentist for, well I’m not exactly sure, but it was close to a decade.  You see, my dentist, that I’d been seeing since quite young, decided to retire and I just never got around to finding a replacement.  I always thought it was rude of him to retire on me.  😉

Melissa’s been going to her dentist since, as the dentist described it, “she was knee-high to a grasshopper”.  He doesn’t take on new patients but, since Melissa had been seeing him for so long, he agreed to see me.

Dr Wilde (not an ideal name for a dentist!!) was good.  Quick, efficient, and painless he poked around in my mouth for just a couple of minutes.  Good news: no fillings.  Amazing!  But he’s got some concerns about my wisdom teeth, since none of them have fully come through yet but a couple are poking out.  Not ideal.  I’ve got to go have an x-ray taken…let’s hope my wizzies are ok!




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