Nikon 35mm f/1.8 AF-S

12 02 2009

For those not interested in photography, you may as well stop reading now…  🙂

This is the lens I always wanted to couple to my Nikon D100 and, more recently, my D300.  Small, lightweight, fast, a useful focal length and relatively cheap. 

I have a 50mm f/1.8 – and love it – but I find it a little tight for general shooting (pretty decent for portraits though).  The 35mm length would be perfect.  I can’t justify buying another lens but I’m considering swapping out my beloved 50mm…

It’s been such a gaping hole in Nikon’s range I had begun to think they were never going to release anything in this focal length.

I recommend that anyone who owns any Nikon DX body (like the D40, D60, D80, D90, D200, D300) seriously consider purchasing this lens.  I haven’t seen any reviews for it yet but I’ll wager it’s a cracker optically.  Nikon rarely produce poor glass – especially for primes.

Kudos to Nikon for finally making the lens that everyone wants!  What took you so long?!

Update: DPReview cover the 35mm f/1.8.  "Highly Recommended".




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12 02 2009

Or just get an old manual focus 35mm (either f/1.4 or the f/2)?

I’ve got the old 35mm f/2, and despite metering on my D70s, I reckon it’s a beaut of a little lens!

12 02 2009

Yeah, it’s not a bad option if you’re prepared to focus manually. 🙂

I’ve shot a number of weddings though – in low light with my 50mm wide open – and there’s no chance I would have had so many successful photos focussing manually.

So yeah, if you can afford to focus manually an old manual-focus lens is an absolute bargain.

(BTW matrix metering works great for AI-s lenses on the D300…time to upgrade?? 😉 Actually, I’ve been considering getting a D70 as a backup body, primarily because of the 1/500 sync speed!)

13 02 2009

Yeah, I know all about that brilliant metering on the D300! Just need to be able to justify the upgrade cost over other priorities 🙂

My boss recently brought the D700 and i’m rather envious of it!

13 02 2009

btw, you might be interested in some sample photos.;all

(you’ll have to register/login before you can see anything)

18 02 2009

It sounds like a great lens, but if you can’t afford to hold onto both a $100 and $200 lens, why did you get a d300? Why not a d90 and decent glass?

18 02 2009

@Will Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. And yeah, I’d be jealous of the D700.

@Jake For starters, I don’t want to carry around *another* lens – my bag is as packed as I want. Also, it would be *much* easier to justify to my gf that I was swapping lenses rather than buying another. 🙂 Also, the lenses aren’t trivially cheap out here in Australia – the 50mm is AUD$220 and I expect the 35mm to be double that when it lands…

Why did I get a D300? Many reasons but the first that springs to mind is that the D90 didn’t exist when I bought it! 🙂 However, even today I’d buy the D300 over the D90 for a number of reasons, top of the list is the *significantly* better AF system. Try ’em side by side in low light to see what I mean.

Thanks for your comments!

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