Kaki King @ The Corner Feb 20

27 02 2009

The last time I saw Kaki I was blown away.  This time I was no less impressed – this girl is a musical tour de force.  Craig joined me at this gig and seemed to enjoy it as much as I.

Kaki King is astonishing.  Fascinatingly complex yet beautiful music pours forth from her nimble hands and you just get mesmerized as you watch her dance over the frets.

When she engages the audience she entertains with a razor-sharp wit.  She always has fantastic stories to share!  She was also looking great sporting a new – very short – haircut and a cool outfit.  Perhaps success is making her consider her appearance more?

Kaki King playing Bone Chaos In The Castle @ The Corner

Once again Dan Brantigan joined KK and played his “bong”.  Essentially a wind-controlled synthesizer, the bong creates some amazing atmospheric sounds that complement Kaki’s intricate guitar work.  He also played trumpet on a couple of songs and extracted some incredible notes out of the instrument.  I get the feeling you could give him any wind-blown instrument and he’ll make it sing.

Matt Hankell, on drums, rounded out this trio of musos and damn can that guy play!  So frenetic but so clean.  His arms were just a blur around his calm, albeit sweaty, face.  Having a dedicated drummer added extra depth to the music (compared to last time).

Watching three musicians of this caliber was a privilege.  I was transfixed watching and listening to these masters play.  Loved it.

During the show Kaki announced that her new Mexican Teenagers EP would be on sale at the gig ($10) and proceeds would be going to the Red Cross in aid of Bushfire relief.  Nice gesture.  After the gig, she signed merch and had a chat to her fans.  I’d bought the EP and had it signed and Craig had her sign our tickets.  It was good to meet and thank her for putting on such a great show.

Fantastic gig, will definitely see her again!

PS Keep and eye on Spicks and Specks, Kaki mentioned she’s in an upcoming episode.  She was on the show last year for the first time.  (The 22nd October if you want to go an look it up!)




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27 04 2010

awesome review.

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