Body blow to Australian internet censorship

5 03 2009

I’ve blogged about the Australian government’s silly ideas about implementing compulsory internet censorship a couple of times.

Thankfully, recently, there’s been some good news.

Independent SA Senator Nick Xenophon recently withdrew his support of Labor’s plan to implement ISP internet censorship stating that “the more evidence that’s come out, the more questions there are on this“. 

With the current make-up of the senate, Labor requires the support of the Coalition or all seven of the other senators – five greens and two independents, of which Xenophon is one.  The Coalition has indicated that it will go against it but even if not, now that Xenophon has withdrawn support, it’s unlikely that Labor can gain support of the Senate.  This means it’s likely that they’re going to require a legislative change which is a much harder sell. 

Until Senator Conroy and the Labor party decides to drop the whole idea, internet filtering is still on the table.  However, losing Xenohon’s support is a solid body-blow to the proposal.




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25 03 2010
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