Australia’s National Broadband Network

8 04 2009

KRudd’s big announcement recently was the new National Broadband Network.

Lot’s of interesting viewpoints emerging post-proposal. 

Here’s a grab-bag of my thoughts…

43B is a lot of money.  I’ve dug around a little and cannot find any significant explanation as to how they arrive at that figure.  As far as I can tell it’s a sound bite for KRudd to throw at the media.  "43 billion!  See.  It’s a big number so we must be serious!"

Is it coincidence that Japan recently media attention over their 160Mb broadband that is available right now?

Glad to see that the government is considering working around Telstra (by proposing fibre to the home instead of running it over existing infrastructure).  Their monopoly on our telecommunications network should be brought to an end.  Especially since most of their services are overpriced and poorly implemented, IMO.  If I were a Telstra exec I’d be nervous.  The proposal covers a lot of ground that I interpret as "how can we limit Telstra’s power".

I’ve never had confidence in any of our recent crop of communications ministers.  Richard Alston, Daryl Williams and Helen Coonan were all technically incompetent and did little, if anything, to improve the IT landscape.  Senator Coonan – while a polished and seemingly decent individual – also exhibits an apparently vague grasp of technical concepts.  So my confidence is low that the government can get this right.

BUT, if they do it could be great.  The promise is cheap, fast internet connectivity with a boost to local jobs in the process.  I’ve long wished that the government invested in local IT and this is exactly the kind of commitment I’ve been hoping to hear.

Let’s see if the government can deliver because KRudd is good at making promises but hasn’t really delivered as much as I had hoped.  Hopefully the NBN will be a success.




3 responses

9 04 2009

What they really need is a plumber. After all, the Internet is just a serious of pipes.

9 04 2009

Of course, that should have said ‘SERIES of pipes’.

16 04 2009

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