25 04 2009

[Update: Congrats to Talia!!]

At the risk of placing my masculinity in doubt…

I’ve really been enjoying So You Think You Can Dance this season!

I’ve always been surrounded by people who’ve been involved with dancing in some form.  My Dad danced in his youth, my sister spent her childhood in ballet, jazz or whatever classes.  Melissa has danced since she was this tall.  Since learning a bit of salsa I’ve even had some first-hand appreciation of the skill and dedication that dancing requires.  Anyways, for as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed watching good dancers do their thing.

And the dancers on SYTYCD this season have been bloody good.  The top four are all very versatile dancers, able to whip out different style on demand.  Quite amazing when you consider they may go from contemporary to latin to hip hop all in one show.

While Talia is my pick to win – she’s just an extraordinary dancer – it could go to any of them.

Looking forward to Sunday’s finale.

For me, the highlight of last Sunday’s show, the Tango with Ben and Talia




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