Max Barry: Machine Man

14 06 2009

You may think – given the title – that I consider Max Barry to be part robot.  But no.  Max is a wonderful Australian author that is, as far as I’m aware, totally human.  He’s currently writing a real-time serial story titled Machine Man and I’m really enjoying it.

This is a pretty cool concept.  Max is writing this story day-by-day and posting it straight to the web without publishers or anyone else getting in the way.  Like a blog but written by a talented author who’s committing to roughly a ‘page’ per day. 

The first 43 pages are free but then it’ll cost you US$6.95 to receive all the rest.  How many more pages are there?  No-one knows, not even Max, but I’m at page 63 now and there’s still a lot of legs left in the story (hehe, Machine Man readers will get the pun!).

More conventionally you could start by reading his books Company and Jennifer Government (I haven’t yet read Syrup but I’ll get to it).  Keep up the good stuff Max!




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