Eye & Ear hospital visit

26 07 2009

I’m writing this from the waiting area of the Eye and Ear hospital.

All this week I’ve had a "mangy" right eye.  Bloodshot and weepy I’ve got some sort of irritation that isn’t going away on it’s own.  More worryingly, the past couple of days have revealed a new symptom: slightly blurry vision.  Ick.  Saw a GP today (tried to get in yesterday; no dice, all busy) and she was very thorough, careful and understanding 1 but was unable to pin down the exact source of the irritation.  She recommended I bite the bullet and go to the E & E.

Expected waiting time is around four hours.  Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday evening…  😉

I’ll let y’all know what’s going on when I find out…


It wasn’t four hours.  Oh no.  Five and a half.  The staff were very friendly, patient and efficient but damn are they understaffed.  And apparently the government wants to close them down and push everyone through the public system…

Anyway.  Turns out a small ulcer on my eye is causing the irritation.  It’s treatable with antibiotics – I have to squirt some goop on my eye three times a day.  In parallel they’ve taken a swab of my eye and are going to see if any bacteria grows on it.  If my eye doesn’t respond to the current treatment they’ll know if it’s something more exotic and can use the bacteria to figure out how to progress with further treatment.

Despite the long wait the E&E staff did a great job.

Now it’s midnight and time for some dinner!


[Update #2]

All’s good!  Well, on the mend anyway.  I visited the E&E again Monday and the doctor took a look at my eye…"It’s actually a textbook case of marginal keratitis".  "Ohhhh" I replied.  Internally I’m wondering what the hell is that?!  "Yeah, it’s due to posterior blepharits.".  Naturally.  "Doc, am I going to see properly again?".  He laughed, "Yep, no problems – use these drops and you’ll see a big improvement in the next day or two and you should be at close to 100% in a week."

Now, two days later, my vision is at about 80-90%, the redness and irritation has all but disappeared.  I’ve got a check-up with them next Wednesday but it’s looking really good (pardon the pun).


1: Thanks Dr Alison Sands (at the Ivanhoe Doctors Clinic)!




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26 07 2009
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28 07 2009

You poor thing. I think good eyesight (well, at least eyesight that is not easily corrected with lenses) is the one thing I would struggle with not having. Even more so than hearing…. although that would suck too. Hope it all clears up quickly.

29 07 2009

Thanks for the well-wishes Gayle. 🙂 I tried not to think about it but imagining life without reasonable eyesight was quite terrifying… I agree, it’d be one of the last bodily ‘features’ I’d want to lose!

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