Music Appreciation Day

30 07 2009

Screws (real name Mark), Jiggy (Jeremy) and I likes us some music.  We all keep an ear out for new interesting artists and songs and, when we find something we like, we let the others know. 

Awhile ago we started Music Appreciation Day (actually, the first one was Night but it did feel weird saying I was having a MAN with Jiggy & Screws!).  Simple concept.  The three of us get together and take turns playing music that we like – music that we think the others may like.  Typically we hear new albums that we must have and end up at JB HI-FI a couple of days later giving our credit cards a workout.

This time around I kept a few notes about some of the music we played.

Jiggy kicked it off with a track he later tried to deny was a real entry…

Jiggy, first set:

Screws, first set

Matt, first (only) set

Jiggy, set two

Screws set two


The last couple of sets were so short because I had to leave early…a pity as the three of us were just getting warmed up!  Still, as always, I had a good time, we’ll have to have more of them!

[Check out Wireless Cranium, Jiggy’s blog, predominately about his love of music.  He’s currently working on his Top 100 of all time!]




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31 07 2009
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1 08 2009

When I come home, I will have to join you guys and educate you on some Euro sounds that I have found. 🙂

2 08 2009

Look forward to it mate!

4 08 2009

Nice post Matty, and thanks for the shout-out! Only problem is you missed a few songs from the day, and I’m missing the ability to edit your post wiki-style 🙂

And Brushy, let me guess – Die Toten Hosen? (however you spell it?)

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