New iPhone!

7 08 2009

I’ve finally got my hands on an iPhone! This is just a quick post I’m writing while on the train. Will write more soon!




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7 08 2009

Hey Matt, I’d be really interested to read what you think of the iPhone’s security. There seems to be a bit of a flap about it at the moment, but how serious is it really?

7 08 2009

The SMS vulnerability? The 3.0.1 patch to plug the problem was released a week or so ago. It was potentially nasty though with the possibility of a hacker getting access to your contact information (among other sensitive data). Worth noting that Google/Android and Microsoft/Windows Mobile has similar vulnerabilities.

Otherwise the iPhone can be pretty secure. Particularly with the 3G S and it’s hardware encryption which will keep most casual hackers out.

Thinking of getting one? 🙂

8 08 2009

Yeah, I read about the buffer overflow / remote code execution / DoS etc etc etc in the coverage for Black Hat 2009. They seem to break the news of something interesting at each conference – last year it was Dan Kamisky and the DNS vulnerability. Didn’t understand all of it (in either year) but I’m fascinated by how it plays out across the security communities.

And yes, I think I’m slowly becoming subverted. I’ve progressed from the iPod classic to the little shuffle and to the iPod touch – much more slowly than all the cool kids, of course, but I think that the iPhone is somewhere out there in my future…

10 08 2009

I would still go for the Palm Pre, if I hadn’t bought the Treo Pro last year. Maybe I am just a Palm fanboy though…

10 08 2009

The Pre looks like it may be a decent device – they’ve done a lot of good things with the UI. *If* Palm can deliver what they’re promising… The iPhone is available right now though and is bloody good. 🙂

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