iPhone Love

21 10 2009

A couple of months ago now I finally jumped in and bought an iPhone 3G S.  I love it!  I’m definitely a gadget-y kinda guy but this device is one of my favourite purchases ever.

The iPhone. Photographed in a rare moment when we were separated.

Some history.

I’d had my Nokia 8210 since first year uni – truly amazing to think that I’d used it for almost a decade.  It was a pretty amazing device – well ahead of it’s time – with a lithium battery, brilliant interface, exceptionally good predictive text and, best of all, was small and light at only 79 grams.  Tiny!

(Although the Nokia is smaller these pictures are not to scale!)

Arguably the best thing Nokia has released.

However I keep a constant eye on the gadget market and had been watching phones improve over the years.  The whole smart phone craze almost sucked me in early on but having used Windows Mobile phones I was distinctly unimpressed.  They were capable of so much but were horrendous to use.  Whenever I picked one up it was only a few minutes later that I’d be fighting a desire to throw it hard at something solid.  BlackBerry’s nearly won me over too, having used one in the US for six months it almost had to be pried out of my fingers when I left.  But they were frustrating devices too; RIM only really got email and scheduling right – it wasn’t a good phone, had a terrible browser and couldn’t do much else.  "Play music?  No, this is a business device!"

So I waited.

The first generation of the iPhone came out and I was impressed.  Finally a powerful device is in a form that is acceptable.  And the interface!  Beautiful, innovative and easy-to-use, classic Apple.  But it was lacking in some areas.  No 3G was the killer; in Australia it was the only real option.  But battery life was poor, the camera crappy and storage space was stingy.  Further, it was impossible to create applications for the device except as web apps.  Crazy talk!

I waited some more.

The iPhone 3G came out a year later and resolved most of my issues with the device.  It still had the crappy camera, underwhelming battery life and storage was still a little on the tight side.  I did some back-of-the-envelope calculations and figured I’d be happy with 32GB as a minimum.

More time passed.

The 3G S arrived.  I bought one. Me = Happy!


However it’s not perfect.  Next I’ll share some of the issues I have with the iPhone…