This blog is my personal little place on the web to discuss whatever is on my mind. In particular it will be used to document my travels to California. I hope you enjoy what’s on my mind!


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3 responses

29 01 2008
Nathan Smale

Hey Matt,

Very interested to see that you are back in Melbourne.

Since I didnt see you details here, I would love it if you could give me a quick buzz on 0402 434 338 or email me at nathan@xpand.com.au but mobile is prolly better.



23 09 2009

Hello Matt

I read your post about issue-tracking software at:

I’d like to know a bit more about your experience with Vision Project as it’s one of the systems wer’re currently evaluating. If you don’t mind I’d appreciate if you could send me an email at my address.

Best Regars

20 05 2014
Michael Poznecki

Hello Matt,
I have been reading your post over at http://sublimesoftware.blogspot.com/2004/09/c-gui-development-is-immature.html I would like to know what you ended up doing as far as cross-platform development. I am trying to learn. Please send me an email. my addy is michael at thebigonion dot com.

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